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We Visualize Your Idea into Design and Illustration.​

About us.

We are a graphic design and illustration studio with 5+ years of experience in creating digital design products and digital illustration. We turn your idea into t-shirt and merchandise products, NFT, mascot, cartoon character, comics, logo, editorial design, and storybooks. We have worked with clients in 20 countries around the world. Let’s collaborate with Us.

We’re a team of 20+ people consists of illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist who dedicated our time in visualizing idea, story, data, and imagination. 

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Our Services

NFT Collectible Art

Creating NFT Collectible art with various kinds of animals, humans, robots, and any kind of requested character and it’s accessories (traits) for Opensea, Hic et Nunc, Solanart, and other NFT marketplace. For the Opensea market, generating NFT service is available (metadata and rarity included).

NFT Game Card

The game card is the next big thing, one of the hottest collectibles in the NFT world. We can create a collectible NFT Game Card with rarity and specific requests.

T-shirt and Merchandise Illustration

Illustration can be applied into a t-shirt and merchandise (cap, music album, bag, hoodie, etc). we can help you creating an outstanding illustration for your clothing brand, music group, band, etc.

Mascot and Cartoon Character Illustration

Your brand can be represented by logo or even mascot as your specific and unique character. Mascot are often used for sports, e-sports, and entertainment brands and industries.

Storybook and Comics

Visual stories are never-ending stories. The demand is increasing in this pandemic because schools are revolutionized into online learning. They need more visuals to tell the story or educational material to attract student and get their attention.

Stories from our amazing client

Dijimedia was great at understanding the scope of the project, communicated well and completed the project as requested. Wont hesitate to rehire her if I need an artist again.
Jeff Houle
Good design, good communication and service, Higly creative!


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Pro Team

We’re a team of 20+ experienced visual artists who have been working for 5+ years in the industry and building all this chaos.

Fast and Reliable

We are committed to providing excellent service to the client with fast delivery with high-quality work by managing our people and timeline.


Many illustrators or designers don’t know deeper about the product such as NFT. But we have a deeper understanding of what we do, especially NFT because we are NFT collectors and creators.

Responsive Communication

Responsive communication is one of the project’s key successes. So, we will directly contact you to match our understanding about the project as well as reporting the working process regularly.

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